Etui SONY SCR48 do Xperia M5 Czarny + DARMOWY TRANSPORT! (7311271530206)

chwilowy brak towaru

  • Producent: SONY
  • Kategoria: Futerały i pokrowce do telefonów
  • Przeznaczenie: Sony
  • Kolor: czarny
Smart accessory with a perfect fit Cover and stand for a busy lifestyle Smart protective cover Keep your Xperia M5 safe when you’re on the move. This smart accessory wakes your device when you flip open the cover and puts it into sleep mode when you close it. Desk stand Use Style Cover Stand SCR48 as a convenient leaning desk stand at home or at your favourite café. Browse, communicate and enjoy Xperia M5 entertainment in comfort. Made to fit The Style Cover Stand SCR48 is designed for your Xperia M5. It has apertures for camera, charging and audio connector. Perfect fit. Premium look and feel.

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