Samsung MC28H501

chwilowy brak towaru

  • Producent: Samsung
  • Kategoria: Kuchenki mikrofalowe
  • Pojemność: 28 l
  • Wysokość: 31 cm
  • Szerokość: 51.7 cm
  • Głębokość: 47.48 cm
  • Grill: tak
  • Kierunek otwierania: do góry
  • Termoobieg: tak
  • Moc: 900 W
  • Kolor: czarny, tytanowy, srebrny
Easier Access to Healthy Cooking A variety of fresh and healthy meals are at your fingertips with 15 pre-set cook modes on the Samsung MC28H5015AW Smart Oven, which features a convection cooking function for food that is moist, flavorful and cooked perfectly every time. Now you can confidently and conveniently cook everything from broccoli to brown rice, boneless chicken breast to fresh salmon fillets. Homemade Yogurt Anytime Enjoy homemade dough or yogurt anytime of the day with the Fermentation Function, which utilises advanced fermentation technology to set just the right temperature, providing your family with even more options for delicious fresh meals for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Banish Food Odors Strong odors won't linger inside the Samsung MC28H5015AW Smart Oven. Simply select the Deodorisation setting to force interior air outside to dissipate. This feature quickly eliminates any bad smells so your food tastes as fresh and delicious as intended. Utilise Every Inch Experience greater flexibility with the MC28H5015AW Smart Oven. Designed with busy families in mind, you can disable the turntable to utilise every inch of interior space, which mean easy accommodation of large square dishes. A step above similar appliances, now you can easily heat larger pans and casseroles quicker, leaving more time to enjoy meals around the table.

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